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"Bicyclists fare best when they act and are treated as drivers of vehicles."   --J. Forester--

The Stark County Bicycle Club (the "SCBC"), located in Canton, Ohio, was formed in 1968.
The Club has grown to 295 members, and offers the most robust and diversified ride schedule in all of Ohio.
In 2013, Club members logged 328,229 miles over the course of 1521 rides.

Ohio Bicycle Federation Summit

The Stark County Bicycle Club will host a table at the Statehouse Atrium in Columbus
on Tuesday May 13th from 9:00 AM until 3:00 PM.
Many bicycle clubs and other organizations will be attending this event.

The purpose of this Summit is to show support for House Bill 145
and for cycling in general within the State of Ohio.

Since both the Ohio House of Representatives and the Ohio State Senate will be in session,
members of both chambers will be passing through the Atrium, offering an excellent opportunity
to lobby for this vital legislation affecting the future of cycling in Ohio.

We would encourage anyone interested in supporting our effort to contact John Shaeffer or
Al Jones to arrange sharing transportation to Columbus to attend this Summit.

John Shaeffer      (330) 354-9971
Al Jones                (330) 328-1115

Passage of House Bill 145 would require motor vehicles to leave at least three feet of clearance
when passing bicyclists in Ohio.

It would also permit any Ohio vehicle to proceed after stopping and yielding right-of-way at an
intersection, even when not detected by the mechanism which advances the traffic light. With this
change, we cyclists will no longer need to wait indefinitely at intersections for autos to come to
actuate traffic lights or leave the roadway to press pedestrian buttons.

          Recent Web Site Updates

04/22/2014 Revised Map 161. SWISS FISTIVAL RIDE starting at Fort Laurens
                   Start changed from Bolivar School to Fort Laurens. Route changed to Chestnut Ridge Rd to avoid 9 miles
                   on US 62, dangerous tracks on SR 93 near Beach City and a bad intersection at Baylor Beach. Elevation,
                   copyright and History added. Rest stop added. RWGPS link added. Mileage change from 59 miles to 56 miles.
04/21/2014 Revised Map 212. ADVENTURE RIDE starting at Craig Pittman Memorial Park
                   RWGPS substituted for MapMyRide. Ryan Ridge Rd in Navarre substituted for Columbiana Ave which
                   has been closed permanently by the railroad.
04/14/2014 added May Ride Schedule.
04/12/2014 corrected error in previous ride mileage stats.
04/10/2014 updated ride mileage stats.
04/08/2014 April Exec Meeting minutes were added on the Spokin' Word tab.
04/07/2014 SCBC Membership list was updated on the Member Directory tab.
03/30/2014 SCBC Map List was updated on the Ride Maps tab.
03/30/2014 Revised Map 203. RT 93 LOOP starting at Craig Pittman Memorial Park
                   According to the Village Administrator's office, Columbiana St in Navarre has been closed permanently
                   at the railroad crossing. The route for this Craig Pittman Memorial Park ride has been changed to
                   Market St instead. Thanks to Margie Baker for mentioning the street closure.
03/30/2014 Revised Map 246. ALPINE SHORT LOOP starting at Alpine Community Park
                   A minor route change on this 21 mile Alpine Park ride. Tyrol and Immel replace State St. to avoid
                   the increased traffic on State and the left turn across traffic onto Warner Church.
                   Most riders have been riding it this way for quite some time.
03/30/2014 Revised Map 248. MARLBORO LOOP starting at Alpine Community Park
                   Tyrol and Immel replace State. Left on Beechlawn at 10.6 mi to avoid left onto Marlboro.
                   Total long route mileage changes from 25 to 26.
03/30/2014 Revised Map 452. THE FARM TOUR starting at Lake Community Park
                   Route changed to avoid SR 44. Thanks to Bob Valentine and John Shaeffer for making the suggestion.
03/30/2014 Revised Map 128. RIDE FOR THE CORNBREAD starting at Crossroads Plaza
                   Location of this formerly 21 mile ride moved from Bolivar School to Crossroads Plaza to put the
                   restaurant stop at the end of the ride and avoid the out and back leg to Crossroads Plaza, and
                   because we have similar rides from Bolivar. MapMyRide, elevation data, index boxes and history added.
                   The total mileage of the ride has changed from 20 to 21 miles.
03/30/2014 Revised Map 152. CHUCK'S CARROLLTON RIDE starting at Fort Laurens
                   Start location changed from Bolivar School to Fort Laurens. Minor route change in Carrollton for new
                   rest stop. New map. History, MapMyRide link, index boxes and info added.
                   Mileage changed from 72 to 70.
03/30/2014 Revised Map 153. BOLIVAR TO CROSSROADS starting at Fort Laurens
                   Start changed from Bolivar School to Fort Laurens. New map, same route. History, RideWithGPS link,
                   index boxes and info added.
03/25/2014 added April Spokin' Word.

    Meeting Notices     General Information

Notice! Rafters has closed.

We will continue to hold our Membership meetings at the same location.
A new management company has taken it over under the name of EB's Pub & Party Center.

May Membership Meeting

The May Membership meeting will be Tuesday May 6th
at 7:30 PM at EB's Pub & Party Center at Meadowlake Golf and Swim Club
on 39th St. NE in Canton.
Optional dinner and socializing starting at 6 PM.
Program: Bicycle Recycling by Dennis Updike

Workshop for ride leaders

A workshop for ride leaders will be held by Ed Schenck at EB's Party Center
(former Rafter's) on Tuesday, April 29. Plan is to meet for dinner at 6:00 pm
and conduct a meeting at 6:30. Items to be discussed will be ride leader
responsibilities, ride cancellations, ride leader support.
Current and prospective ride leaders are encouraged to attend.

Upcoming SCBC Biking Tours

            TOUR                                            DATES                          LEADER
  Gettysburg & Lancaster PA        July 26 - Aug 2, 2014             Debbie Mohler
  Little Miami Trail                               Sep 27 - 28, 2014             TBA
  Venice FL                                          Jan 18 - 31, 2015             Al Jones
  Central Florida                                    Feb 1 - 10, 2015             Dave Cardarella

Ohio State Sr Olympics Cycling Games - hosted by SCBC

                                      Call for Volunteers

                                      Save these Dates!!
                   June 24 (Tuesday) and June 25 (Wednesday)

                   Click here for descriptions of volunteer jobs

For more info: Ed Schenck ( or
                        Karen Erdos (

Membership Renewals

Dues are due March 31, 2014. If you have not already done so, send in your renewal today.
Print application form


Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Ride Altitude Gain Data Collection

You will need an altimeter cyclometer or a GPS with barometric altimeter and about 5 min. of time each ride.   We will be averaging all the data on each ride so recording data on the same ride two or more times is helpful!   The more data we collect, the more accurate the results!   Record the total Altitude Gain & any comments.   When you get at least ten rides recorded, give or send them to me.
                Don Royer
Ride Altitude Gain Worksheet

Ernie's Bike Shop discount

Members: Please present your SCBC membership card/Ernie's Bike Shop discount card when you make a purchase at Ernie's. Please mention you are a member before the sale is rung up. You may obtain a replacement card from Dave Hunter, Membership Chairman, if you have misplaced yours.

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GPX files can be accessed (if available) and imported by using the MapMyRide or Ride with GPS link on the club maps.

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