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"Bicyclists fare best when they act and are treated as drivers of vehicles."   --J. Forester--

The Stark County Bicycle Club (the "SCBC"), located in Canton, Ohio, was formed in 1968.
The Club has grown to 408 members, and offers the most robust and diversified ride schedule in all of Ohio.
In 2015, Club members logged 282,533 miles over the course of 1406 rides.

On June 9 and 10 SCBC hosted

HALL OF FAME Senior Olympics Cycling

Hall of Fame 2016 Senior Olympics Cycling Results:    5k Time Trial     10k Time Trial     20k Road Race     40k Road Race

Senior Olympics Cycling photos

SCBC Membership Survey Results

On May 1st, we invited both current and past members of the Stark County Bicycle Club to participate in a membership survey
that is intended to help the SCBC Executive Committee understand the needs of the current and past membership.
This survey was voluntary and was completely anonymous and no responses were tied to an individual.

On May 31st, we closed the surveys and will begin the job of going through your responses and coming up with an action list
for the SCBC Executive Committee to consider future actions. The SCBC Executive Committee will send you the final results
of the survey and proposed changes to address the memberships concerns.

You may review the responses of both the current membership survey and the past membership survey using the links below.
We invited 440 current members (2015 member) and received responses from 109 current members.
Click here to view current member responses

We invited 1,077 past members (2008-2014 member) and received responses from 97 past members.
Click to here to view past member responses


The SCBC Executive Committee appreciates your participation in this survey.
If you have questions, problems or concerns related to reviewing the survey responses
please contact Tony Gould at

          Recent Web Site Updates
06/23/2016 updated membership list on the Member Directory Tab.
06/23/2016 Revised Map 510. HARTVILLE LONG LOOP starting at Hartville Community Park.
                    A 46/56 mile ride from Hartville Community Park. A cue correction at Mile 5.8 on the short route.
                    RideWithGPS added and replaces MapMyRide. Thanks to Andrew Hodgson for reporting the mistake in the cue.
06/16/2016 Added July ride schedule on the Ride Schedule tab.
06/16/2016 Revised Map 240. MUNSON'S KNOB starting at Dalton Village Green Park.
                    A 49 mile ride from Dalton with a stop at Troyer's Bakery. Leaving Apple Creek Milborne replaces Hackett
                    and Carr roads. Same total mileage. Thanks to Paul Tucci for suggesting the change.
06/11/2016 Updated mileage statistics on the Mileage Stats tab.
06/06/2016 added Commuting By Bike: Safety Guide & Tips on the Other Links tab.
06/06/2016 added SCBC Ride Leader & Club Member Guidelines to The SCBC Constitution and Policies section on the About Us tab.
06/04/2016 New Map 530. MILLERSBURG - JITTERS COFFEE starting at Dalton Village Green Park.
                    This is a new, 59 mile ride originated by Bill Mishler featuring a stop at Jitters Coffee House in
                    Millersburg followed by 11 miles on the unique Holmes County Trail. This trail has two wide, paved
                    lanes. One lane for bikes and walkers and another for Amish buggies.

    Meeting Notices     General Information

July - No meeting.

SCBC Tours proposed for 2016

Covered Bridge (OH)                   August 19 - 21      Dave Cardarella
Shenandoah Valley (V, WV)           October             Al Jones

A nice Thank You that SCBC recieved

From: Julie Loomis
Date: Tue, May 24, 2016 at 3:42 PM
Subject: Stark County Bicycle Club

I wanted to email you to say thanks for your page,

I volunteer with a youth group where we have different activities for local kids.
We are starting a bike sharing program, so we wanted to find some cycling resources
to share with the kids. Your webpage has some great stuff for us to look at-
thanks for all the help! :-)

One of the kids in my group, Sara, found a great resource on bike travel and safety: Can you add this to your list
of resources? She has been helping teach some of the younger kids how to ride, so I thought
this would give her some extra encouragement by sharing her find online. Plus, we thought
it would make a great addition for others to learn from.

If you have more tips or information for the kids, I'll make sure to share it with them.

Thanks again!

Julie Loomis

Membership Renewals

Dues are due March 31, 2016. If you have not already done so, send in your renewal today.
Print application form


Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Ride Altitude Gain Data Collection

You will need an altimeter cyclometer or a GPS with barometric altimeter and about 5 min. of time each ride.   We will be averaging all the data on each ride so recording data on the same ride two or more times is helpful!   The more data we collect, the more accurate the results!   Record the total Altitude Gain & any comments.   When you get at least ten rides recorded, give or send them to me.
                Don Royer
Ride Altitude Gain Worksheet

Ernie's Bike Shop discount

Members: Please present your SCBC membership card/Ernie's Bike Shop discount card when you make a purchase at Ernie's. Please mention you are a member before the sale is rung up. You may obtain a replacement card from Dave Hunter, Membership Chairman, if you have misplaced yours.

Click image below to download TCX files for GPS navigation.

GPX files can be accessed (if available) and imported by using the MapMyRide or Ride with GPS link on the club maps.

The Stark County Bicycle Club Patron's List

On behalf of the Membership, we would like to thank the following people for their support to our Club

Carl Humenik
Bill & Carol Johnson
Jill Lane
Daniele Nonno

Bob Morris

Bob & Shelley Doerschuk
Stephen & Marilyn Fenstemaker & Family
Dave McKinley
Chris Redmond
Bud & Marjorie Scott

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